Teifi Christian Books

Books enrich our lives in many ways, and at the Teifi Christian Bookshop there are books for every age. We believe that good books have a lot to teach us and are a significant part of the Christian journey. We are grateful that we can play a part in helping to disciple believers in Cardigan and surrounding area.

It is a wonderful feeling to hold a book in your hand and be able to read a few pages to determine if it is the right book for you or for a friend. We recognize that often books are found at a better price online, so we have made it our policy that all of our prices will compete with online bookshop prices. And if there is a book (or a set of books for a group) that we don’t carry, we will special order it for you.

And did you know that by purchasing a book or other items from the shop you are supporting Christian discipleship in many countries? All of the profits from the bookshop are directed toward missions – both local and global, with the specific emphasis of helping to disciple other students of the Christian life.

The heart of the Teifi Christian Bookshop is to support local pastors, ministry workers, and all believers in their Christian walk and to do good beyond our own community through the ministry of Christian books.

Come in and browse. You will be warmly welcomed and pleasantly surprised at what you will find. Along with many great books there is a wide selection of greeting cards and small gift items.

Find us at:

Priory Court
Priory Street
Cardigan SA43 1BZ
Phone: 01239 615516