Mount Zion Baptist Church, Cardigan, is affiliated with the Baptist Union of Wales, the Evangelical Alliance, and the Pembrokeshire Baptist Association.

We believe in Jesus Christ:

  • as the divine Son of God
  • as the Saviour of all who trust in Him and in His atoning sacrifice at Calvary
  • that, because of His resurrection, He is alive today and for evermore
  • that He is the Truth in Person, and that the Bible is the inspired and infallible witness to that Truth

We believe in God the Father:

  • the Creator of all that is
  • the great Ruler of the universe who is before everything
  • the God who is Love, from which springs the salvation found in Christ
  • who loves all people and desires the salvation of every person

We believe in God the Holy Spirit:

  • who works especially in the lives of all who believe, convicting, enlightening, and assuring of salvation
  • who anoints and empowers believers so that they know the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and power for service
  • who works in all the ‘body of Christ’ all over the world irrespective of denomination
  • who is the Spirit of Truth and leads into all Truth as found in Christ and the Holy Scriptures